Art Link Art April 17, 2014 Tim Ellis
Symbolic Logic

Identity Art Gallery April 15 Exhibition: Symbolic Logic

Expressionist lines, geometrical abstractions, surreal alterations and mythical figures are some of the visual clues presented in “Symbolic Logic”. The exhibition brings together 10 contemporary art practises from a cross-generational group of artists. “Symbolic Logic” demonstrates how paintings and their idiosyncratic set of symbols can polarise illusionary worlds.

Date Apr 15, 2014 – May 31, 2014
Opening Apr 15, 2014, Tuesday
Venue(s) Identity Art Gallery (Hongkong, China)
Artist(s) Dominic Beattie, Rhys Coren, Steve Dowson, Tim Ellis, Luey Graves, Jane Harris, Katy Kirbach, Richard Kirwan, Jack Newling, Mark Pearson
Organizer(s) Identity Art Gallery (Hongkong, China)