August 8, 2014

International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations At Venice Lido – San Servolo Island Identity Art Gallery is proud to present Tim Ellis’s latest project: Something left but not forgotten (2014). The latest sculpture by Tim Ellis ‘Something left but not forgotten’ is in accord with Ellis’ artistic interest and ritual. He rarefies the form of […]

Him Lo at Import Projects, Berlin
June 12, 2014

Him Lo presents his latest project “Bloody World Cup” at Group Show, Studio Berlin CN/DE/HK at Import Projects, Berlin. “As a mega-event being held once in four years, the FIVA world club attracts football fans from all nation-States to devote themselves to sports spectatorship, especially citizens who are cheering for their national teams. The spectacles and […]

Kurt Tong, Wyng Masters Award 2014, Finalist
May 12, 2014

WYNG Masters Award Finalists’ Exhibition Date & Time From 4 May 2014 – 16 May 2014,  11:00am – 07:00pm Venue ​Innovation Gallery 3, Podium Level, Jockey Club Innovation Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University parental blocker . These are scheduled and thesis paper for Philosophical Transaction’s 1796 rejection of dissertation master in a class. Of […]

Terry Batt, The Montalto Sculpture Prize, Finalist
April 12, 2014

The Montalto Sculpture Prize is an acquisitive award open to all artists working in any medium. The Mitchells share a passion for wine, food, nature and the arts. Montalto was borne out of a desire to share this with others. The Montalto Sculpture Prize is an essential expression of this spirit, designed to encourage artistic […]

Him Lo on RTHK: 好想藝術_說故事
April 6, 2014

Apr 6, 2014: Him Lo is on RTHK’s program 好想藝術_說故事 好想藝術_說故事 [ 藝術家_盧樂謙 ] 編導:鄭秀慧
 曾是一名足球員,他有著強壯外型,本來以為運動就是目標,卻因為腳傷被迫休養,焦慮中,他拿起筆,把心事畫滿房間,便感到充實。以後,就鍾情了。 從繪畫、到集體創作、行為藝術,他關心社區愛街坊人情味,希望保存傳統手藝,在創作路上走得很前很勇敢,為著要尋找快樂,和自己。 粗獷中情感綿密,藝術家,盧樂謙。 Further details will be available at RTHK’s website Click Here

Artist Talk: Cheng Ting Ting at Tate Modern, UK, 28 Mar 2014
March 21, 2014

28th March: Independent artistic initiatives and cross-cultural communication – Edward Sanderson, Elain W. Ho, and Ting-ting Cheng The second salon focuses on contemporary Chinese art. It will start with a paper by Edward Sanderson and Elaine W. Ho, entitled ‘Who Goes and Where art? Measures of Distance in Artistic Research, from here to China’. Their […]

Kounosuke Kawakami opens at Contemporary Art Center in Meymac, France
March 10, 2014

23 Mar – 22 Jun 2014 Meet art with the exhibition “Japan” from March 23rd to June 22nd. The exhibition “Japan” will present pieces of art of about 30 Japanese plasticians. It aims at portraying the country’s contemporary creation. Unmissable and influent Japanese artists works will be exhibited as well as others from young artists, […]

Jonathan Trayte opens at Pazar, Marcelle Joseph Projects, Istanbul, Turkey
March 10, 2014

20 Mar – 31 May 2014 Marcelle Joseph Projects is thrilled to present and curate PAZAR, British sculptor Jonathan Trayte’s first exhibition in Turkey. This exhibition will feature a seductive array of sculptures, paintings, and images inspired by the marketplace and specifically the sensuous bazaars of Istanbul. tld list In this exciting new exhibition space, […]

Artist Talk: Him Lo at the Commercial Press Book Centre, TST – Art Education and Social Transformation organized by Lingnan University
March 10, 2014

On 27 Apr, 2014, Him Lo will visit Commercial Press Book Centre in Miramar Shopping Centre, Tst in March to appear in conversation with Member of Artmatters, CHEUNG Stephanie and Experienced Secondary School and MCSian, LAU Wai-Sze Jane. Further details will be available at the university’s website Click Here.

Timothy Betjeman opens at South / East, Wild Search, London
March 2, 2014

“South / East” brings together paintings by Timothy Betjeman of his current home in Camberwell, South London and locales in East London where he has lived and held studios in the past. For more information about the artist, please Click Here

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