Valérie Bastit Laudier June 28 - July 30, 2011 Valérie Bastit Laudier

Grand Opening Reception: June 28, 2011 from 7:00-9:00pm

Painting a branch of bamboo requires a real mastery of gesture and control, whether we are expressing its core strength or the suppleness of its leaves as they ruffle in the wind. It is with this same spirit that I attempt to interpret the movements of a draped kimono, the steps of a Geisha on her wooden sandals or the fragility of a stack of ceramic bowls

— Valérie Bastit Laudier

Like enchanting narratives filled with short intriguing stories on Japanese beauty, Valérie’s unique screen pieces draws upon a rich tapestry of cultural experiences and represents some of the most poignant pictorial poetry found in today’s fads-obsessed world.

Born in France, Valérie Bastit Laudier moved to Japan in 2000 and soon began an enduring journey learning the fine arts of Japanese calligraphy and mounting under the tutelage of great Japanese masters. With over eight years of intensive and painstaking training, Valérie slowly grew from merely interpreting her masters’ strokes to comprehending calligraphy’s full magic.

Having found beauty in the transcendence of calligraphic words and movement, Valérie continues to lavish poetry on quietly adorned surfaces following ancestral mounting rules and techniques – only these days her expressions are no longer bound by a scroll of paper or a single frame of screen. As she gets down to our traditions on earth, the sky’s the limit.