Time After Time March 07 - April 14, 2012 Him Lo

Opening Reception: March 07, 2012 from 7:00-9:00pm

In a series of curiously beautiful mixed media iron paintings composed in a delicate etching style, Lo dwells upon the strange dichotomy of city life and the very virtue of our monotonous and routine existence.

Using ordinary, non-conventional materials such as glue and acid on top of oil to affect richly layered surfaces, Lo elegantly explore space and form with references to both the external and internal worlds. Suspended among those layers is an absence, a specific sense of isolation and boundlessness which evokes a collective consciousness.

Drawing a delicate balance of the inseparable relationships among young and old, above and below, light and dark, and large and small, these engaging, sometimes haunting imagery alludes the stories of urban souls caught between the confines of time, ambition and indifference, desire and boredom.

Through them, and the very act of painting them, Lo exorcizes his own existential demons and finds the ultimate recognition in time as he questions it. To achieve freedom, a lot of discipline is required; to be happy one must be bored; to have time, one must give up time. Such is the virtue of the dichotomy of our city life.