Dualities 1: Dichromatic Allure September 18 - October 26, 2013 Abigail Box
Terry Batt

Opening Reception: September 18, 2013 from 7:00-9:00pm

Launching this special program is Dichromatic Allure, the first of our duo show series. Featuring the complementing works of artists Abigail Box and Terry Batt, the show is a visual feast of colliding colors, a juxtaposition of surreal, precision aesthetic with a spontaneous, captivating play of light and perception.

White is every color; black is the absence of colors. In Box’s paintings, daylight is explored using the structure of perspective. Box alters and toys with the structure so as to highlight the way our eyes see. The result is a mesmerizing bloom of diffusing light that seem to blush and glow in different angles. In Batt’s dark and muted images, black is used to highlight the precision of symmetry, the hypothesis of balance and imbalance, of life, of identities and of aesthetics. When shown together, the works interact with one another, amplifying the dichromatic contrasts and magic each artist casts in the opposing ends of the light spectrum.

Abigail Box

Box expresses her curiosity about the contradiction of existence via found imagery and an aesthetic manipulation of colour, space and composition. Her massive collage-inspired paintings propel viewers to a colourful world of ambiguity filled with strange and sometime unsettling scenarios. Box graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in painting and sculpture in 2008. Her recent shows in 2011 include ‘oneforone’, London View Tube, London, ‘Painting’, Sarah Reynolds, London, ‘A Reality of their Own’, DegreeArt Gallery, London, and ‘Pop Up Spaces’, ArtBeat Gallery, London.

Terry Batt

With an artistic life straddling many worlds, viewpoints and interests, Terry Batt’s delicate, whimsical tableau of paintings, prints and sculptures channel his own take on the order and rationality surrounding the worlds he lives in. An inveterate traveller and collector of curious objects, coupled with a certain American lineage of art making form the main source of his inspiration. A graduate in Education and Fine Art from Melbourne and Monash Universities in Australia he also received a Master of Fine Art degree from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, USA, Batt has held over 28 solo exhibitions in Australia, USA, France and Hong Kong. His recent exhibitions include, “Double Happiness”, “Dim Sum” and “A Delicate Balance”, his 25th year anniversary show at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne, Australia as well as “Equilibrium” at Identity Art Gallery in 2012.