Beauty In Ruin April 20 - May 01, 2012 Kounosuke Kawakami

Opening Reception: April 20, 2012 from 7:00-9:00pm

Different landscapes are a visualization of a certain utopia, ideal societies pursued for happiness. They may be an architect’s Shangri-La of a holiday resort, or a physicist’s perfection of a nuclear plant. They may be paradise to some, for others they pave the way to dystopia. In a mix of new and old mixed-media canvases, Japanese artist Kounosuke Kawakami exorcises his thoughts and experiences on the power of mankind versus nature.

Constructed through the careful juxtaposition of flat planes of colour with the deep perspective of computer- generated architectural images, Kawakami uses his special visual language to describe the disjointed landscapes irrevocably changed by natural disasters or our actions. Collage, drawings, paintings and digital imageries are not all that the artist use to create his work; he would incorporate detritus from the real world, as a point of reference to the world’s materiality.