Him Lo at Import Projects, Berlin June 12, 2014 Him Lo

Him Lo presents his latest project “Bloody World Cup” at Group Show, Studio Berlin CN/DE/HK at Import Projects, Berlin.

“As a mega-event being held once in four years, the FIVA world club attracts football fans from all nation-States to devote themselves to sports spectatorship, especially citizens who are cheering for their national teams.

The spectacles and excitement, are however sustained by a host of infrastructures and constructions, more often than not only made possible by large scale exploitation of labour or even sacrifice of human lives.

Although it claims to be a non-profit and social organisation, the FIFA’ operation involves numerous inhuman procedures and ignoring of human rights and labour rights. Try this. The dignity of the grassroots and the people who make the mega-event possible, is not within the grand vision of the massive bureaucracy.

My work utilises pig skins to assemble a projection screen, on which the FIFA ‘s logos are stamped – the screen through which excitement are projected is indeed made out of bloody processes and crushing of labour rights.”

Exhibition runs from 27 Jun 2014 – 10 Jul 2014.

For more details: http://import-projects.org/